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    2013-2014 Educational Foundation Grant Projects

    Ed Smith K-8 School
    Beyond Anti-Bullying - Yes We Can
    This project includes learning about and creating PSA's for presentation purposes throughout the school to promote anti-bullying and related behaviors. Funds will be used to purchase iPads, DVDs, and books on the subject.

    Lincoln Middle School
    Lincoln Knights Write
    Project includes the development of a Lincoln MS literary magazine. The class will be involved in all aspects of planning , writing, designing and publishing 4 magazine issues this school year.

    Grant Middle School
    STEM Club and Curriculum Enrichment
    Creation of a STEM lab including robotics instructional materials, building plans, and equipment, as well as a chemistry lab. Modeled on the same type of project successfully implemented last year at Frazer.

    Lemoyne Elementary School
    Beaver Lake Field Trip
    Using iPads and the How to Write a How-to book by Cecilia Minden, students will use Educreations to produce presentations for the rest of the 6th Grade classes. This is an Enrichment Program (students learning from students).

    Porter Elementary School
    How to Create a How-To Presentation
    Project includes a field trip to Beaver Lake Nature Center and lessons on Nature in the City for three Kindergarten classes.

    Webster Elementary School
    iRead with iPads
    Using iPads, this project will integrate English Language Arts instruction as well as interventions and skill development practices for the teacher's 1st grade class and afterschool "Say Yes" class.

    Nottingham High School
    A New Reading Tradition for New Americans
    Project consists of supporting reading and literacy for English learners including, a program/contest that incentivizes students to read to siblings and family members each week. Funds will be used for books, book bags, and a Nook eReader to be used as the prize.

    Institute of Technology
    This is What Professionalism Looks Like
    This project will provide supplies needed for the production of photography and poster development to reinforce development of professionalism within the students. The posters and banners will be displayed around the school and the campaign will engage many students from throughout the school.

    Huntington Pre-K School
    Literacy Corps Spin-off - Student Authors & Illustrators
    Art project involving their school mascot and Otto the Orange. Includes illustration, writing, and development of story lines for three third grade classes working with S.U. Literacy Corps volunteers. Project also includes a field trip to S.U., photography, and design work.

    McKinley Brighton Elementary School
    iPad News Club
    Creation of a news club that will allow students to create a school newsletter. Research, writing, photography and production skills will be enhanced through apps on the iPads.

    Lemoyne Elementary School
    One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure
    This project was selected as the first annual Marilyn Jones Life and Learning Through Arts designation. The project includes a mural using reused and recycled materials (found objects), and will use Van Gogh's Starry Night as a template. The entire school will participate in this project with also includes writing PR pieces, research, and reading.

    Come Back Monarchs
    This project follow up on last year's STEM grant eco-garden at Elmcrest with a new focus on learning about the migratory habits of Monarch butterflies. The backyard ecosystem will be enhanced and the project includes research, tracking, and student interaction with other children at mid-west schools.

    Salem Hyde Elementary School
    History Comes Alive Through Art
    Creation of a history mural using 6x6 topical tiles. Project includes, research , reading, developing themes and producing the mural and clay work.

    Grant Middle School
    Student Cam and C-Span
    Project will give fifty AVID students the opportunity to create a C-Span file video for submission to national contest. Project includes research, writing, storyboards, videography, and editing technology. Funding will be used to purchase camcorders and supplies.

    Lincoln Middle School
    Learning and Living Lifeskills
    This project includes taking students from two self-contained classrooms to Orenda Springs for interactive and experiential learning activities to build teamwork, respect and community. Project includes transportation, journals and PowerPoint presentations.

    Nottingham High School
    ECOS Composting and Recycling Initiative
    This is a green project being developed by the school's new ECOS club. Project includes composting, learning about recycling, worm farms, and members of the club sharing what they learn with the rest of the school students during lunch hours. The ECOS club also will link this project to the curriculum of two Living Environment classes.

    2012-2013 SCSD EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION GRANTS STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

    Bellevue Elementary School - Students Transforming into Engineering Minds
    This project will open the eyes of elementary students to the engineering world they come across in their daily lives and keep their curiosity alive within the STEM fields. Integrating "Engineering is Elementary," which is a part of the National Center for Technological Literacy, with the SCSD Science Curriculum will engage students in hands-on, real world engineering experiences. The program will focus on increasing technological literacy through acquiring essential understanding of engineering; increase elementary educator's abilities to teach engineering and technology; motivating and engaging students to use their knowledge of science engineering to design, create and improve solutions; increase school wide lessons that include engineering at appropriate levels. Funds from the grant will be used to purchase lesson plans, iPads, and EIE materials.

    Clary Middle School - Creating a SMART Classroom
    The funds from this grant will create a 21st Century SMART classroom, where technology is available for teachers and students to utilize. The SMART classroom will be a learning environment in which students are able to interact and engage in their learning and curriculum through technology. The project will benefit math development specifically, but there are also benefits for other STEM content areas as well, such as Technology and Science. Used in conjunction with the SMART Board, this will help engage and interest students in these areas too. This interdisciplinary approach will also help students apply their knowledge and learning to all content areas and the world as well. The funds were used to purchase a SMART board, document camera, software, flash drives, and tablet computer.

    Elmcrest School - Backyard Ecosystem
    The Backyard Ecosystem Project is a cross curricular endeavor in which students will build a sustainable butterfly garden with a recirculating pond. The pump for the pond will be powered by solar energy through the use of a small photovoltaic panel. In cooperation with the Elmcrest Maintenance staff, a site will be prepared for students to plant this garden and assemble the pond. This will involve skills such as planning, engineering, geometric layouts and design. Wildlife will be encouraged to access the pond and integrate into the ecosystem. Through the use of a game camera and typical video camera students will be able to observe wildlife throughout the day and overnight. A website can eventually be developed to display live footage from the project so that it may be accessed by students and public as well.

    Expeditionary Learning Middle School - How can Technology Enhance ELMS Learning Experience?
    At the Syracuse Expeditionary Middle School, curriculum is organized into interdisciplinary "expeditions" and teachers often use the greater Syracuse community as their classroom. Students are expected to research, gather observations and data to both ask and answer relevant questions. This grant will increase the engagement of this work with the infusion of technology. Students keep portfolios of their work and regularly reflect on their learning and this grant will allow them to create a blog and do their work on iPads. The addition of technology will enhance the school’s annual leadership overnight adventure-based outing. There will be a connection between the expedition's fieldwork and research using the Internet, books, newspapers, and blogs. Using the multitude of free apps that are available, students and teachers will connect the classroom learning to adventure-based education.

    Frazer School - Frazer STEM Club and Competition
    The funds from this grant will be invested in STEM programming that will include strengthening 7th grade curriculum through inquiry-based learning strategies and establish a strong STEM Club that has been missing in this school for a number of years. The STEM team at Frazer is making a commitment to a yearly investment into STEM programming in classrooms as well as in the afternoon extension programs. The funds are being used to supply equipment and build science facilities to link students to STEM competitions like bridge building, science fair, robotics, try-math-a-Ion, math counts, rockets, and vex robotics. In addition, the school will start a STEM Club and participate for the first time in STEM events. The Frazer STEM team will create an "Engineering Day" program in which STEM club students spend two to four days working with third and fourth grade classes, exposing them to science vocabulary and engineering concepts. The students can provide mentoring to the younger students when applying the content to mini-projects that deal with engineering concepts.

    Lincoln Middle School - From STEM Fairs to Career Fairs: Preparing CSI and Green Tech Research
    Funds from this grant will be used by teachers to create a CSI themed STEM Fair (formerly known as a Science Fair) for the entire student population to compete in. Winners of this school based STEM competition will go on to compete in the SCSD regional SUNY ESF Science Fair and the Greater Syracuse Scholastic STEM Fair at the MOST. Technology and materials purchased with grant funds will be used in extensive STEM programs and presentations. For students choosing to design and create a model for green technologies, SECME Club engineering students may help guide additional work for peers on how to utilize technology and engineering learning standards. Guest speakers from local business and Industry, as well as college professors, will be invited to speak at a mini Jr. Cafe' Scientifique (like the model currently in place at the MOST) to help spark ideas and deepen student interest in STEM research, in hopes of leading to a future STEM path of study. Students will also be encouraged to apply for a SEEDs for Science support grant from Dr. Ghosh at SU College of Engineering & Computer Science to help further create student ownership for STEM research.

    Nottingham High School - STEM Laboratory
    This project focuses on authentic problem solving through a design process including; identifying and defining a problem, gathering and analyzing information, determining performance criteria for successful solutions, generating alternative solutions and building prototypes, implementing choices and evaluating outcomes. The Vex Robotic systems purchased with grant funds offers students these opportunities to solve complex problems in real world situations and quickly and decisively make changes, through design modifications and computer programming changes to complete the tasks presented to them in the design competition challenges. Students compete against each other, other schools and even other countries if they continue to move on to regional, state, national and even world competitions. The comprehensive curriculum and projects through the collaboration of Vex Robotics Inc. and Project Lead The Way National have created an unparalleled level of rigorous curriculum for students to be ready graduates of the Syracuse City School District to move on to successful jobs in the 21st century economy, including a life of active citizenship.

    SCSD Chapter - National Society of Black Engineers - Nottingham High School
    The National Society of Black Engineers is a district wide initiative in all five high schools and middle schools. It promotes young individuals to pursue the STEM fields at an early age. Careers in this field have evolved dependent upon use of technology and computers and working collaboratively using problem solving models. The funds from this grant will provide the technology necessary for students to learn, utilize, program, and develop the necessary competencies to compete in STEM related fields. The purchase of laptops will allow students to use applications related to their respective STEM field interests, conduct research, write reports, generate power point presentations, and programming of robots/run diagnostics for competitions on a regional and national level.

    Van Duyn Elementary School - Discovering our Environment Using Common Core Curriculum
    This project will involve two pre-k classrooms, three First grades and three Fifth grade classrooms. The focus of the project will be on living things. All three grade levels will be observing and discussing similarities, differences, and categories of plants and animals. Students will identify things as living or non-living based on characteristics, such as breathes, moves by itself or grows. They will be able to explain why plants and animals need water and food. They will describe simple to the complex life cycles of plants and animals. Students will describe and identify the different structures of familiar plants and animals and will observe, record, and explain how plants and animals respond to change in the environment and changes in the seasons. The MOST and the Rosamond Gifford “Zoo To You” program will do presentations to different classrooms. Plants will be grown from seedlings in the classroom and then transplanted in the spring near the school building. In May the classrooms will also be observing caterpillars changing into butterflies. Funds from this grant will be used to purchase butterfly habitats, microscopes, learning materials, experiments, and planting supplies.
    SCSD Educational Foundation - 2011-2012
    "Kids Who Read Succeed" Literacy Grants

    Early Intervention for Developing Life-Long Literacy Skills - Bellevue Elementary

    The purpose of the grant is to develop a strong foundation for emergent and early literacy skills. The project is divided into three parts: Classroom support/intervention, mentoring, and a school-wide reading challenge. Funds will be used for special literacy programs, books, supplies, digital teaching tools, etc.

    A 21st Century Approach to Reading - Clary Middle School

    This grant will be used to create reading clubs within two different classrooms and after school. The book clubs will encourage collaborative discussions, reports, sharing and writing projects. The funds will be used to purchase iPads, but the District is so enthusiastic about this project, they have committed to supporting this project and possibly expanding it to other schools.

    Reading Counts -McKinley - Brighton Magnet

    This project will impact over 500 kids and integrates all aspects of literacy. It includes a school-wide reading challenge, culiminating with a "dunk tank" for principal and administrators if goals are met. Its focus is on boys reading, and includes the purchase of Einstruction response clickers, ELA books, prizes and white boards.

    Poetry Literacy and Social Justice - Elmwood Elementary

    This project will use its funds to design and implement a pilot literacy intiative focusing on poetry. The school has also secured funding from Say Yes and the YMCA, and will use a team of teachers, who with some professional development will lead this project. Professional development and class programming will include visiting poet Georgia Popoff.

    Empower and Engage: Using SMART Board Interactive Technology to Enhance ELA Achievement in 6th Graders - Ed Smith School

    This project will use interactive SMART boards, remote clickers, and learning websites to enhance classroom learning and comprehension. They have created a poetry program which will be the focus of the technology and project work.

    Let's Hook Them! Content Literacy and the Smart Board - J.T. Roberts PreK-8

    This project matches books to learners and couples science with literacy development. Using Smart Board technology they will develop their projects to be showcased at their March 2012 Science Fair. This project targets those students (SpEd and ELL) who have the most difficulty in reading comprehension and vocabulary.

    E edition - Frazer News - Frazier School

    Students involved in this project will create an e-newspaper for the school, and will be engaged in researching, writing, and developing articles, images and develop organizational skills to create the online news site. It engages multiple grade levels, and offers multiple levels of literacy development.

    School Pad: Touch it! - Lincoln Middle School

    This project will utilize iPad and iMac technology to integrate education apps into Math, Science, Social Studies and English Language Arts projects in shareable lessons and then publish a website as part of their goal of developing literacy skills.

    Literacy Enhanced in the Danforth Community - Danforth Magnet School

    This application is to support a reading project that is school-wide. It includes specific books, outside panelists, writing contests, and incentives for achievement. They are requesting purchase of a 8 Nooks that they can give away as awards for an essay contest, but the balance of the funding if for over 1000 books (500 each of two titles). School wide reading would include using the PA system and silent reading in each classroom.
    2010-2011 Go Green Grants Program

    Clary Middle School - Lunch Waste Reduction, Recycle and Composting Program
    Students will collect food waste for composting, paper/foam waste for recycling. Project includes hydroponic gardening, vermiculture(worm composting), and math and science instruction.

    Hughes Magnet School - Growing a Garden of Learners
    Development of an outdoor community garden which includes composting and creating an indoor garden first. Includes parental involvement (kids can bring plants home and start their own gardens with their families). Project includes seeding, rain barrels, composting bins. Parental surveys will be conducted.

    Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central - Modeling and Optimization of Photovoltaic Power Systems to Facilitate Integrated Instruction of Environmental Improvement Themes and Technology.
    Students will design and build a computer assisted remote sensing and tracking system for a set of Photovoltaic Panels which is attached to a PV generating kit. This project incorporates all sciences, IT, engineering, and environmental education.

    Blodgett K-8 - Our Blue Planet
    The focus of this project is to educate students on how to preserve, protect, and educate others about the benefits and consequences of caring for our water, lakes and streams. Journals, pictures, and experiments will include investigation of the earth's natural recycling process. Field trips included Onondaga Lake, Fesko Farms, Beaver Lake.

    Bellevue Elementary - G.R.E.E.N.
    This project includes the development of an "environmental trail" around the school. They will work with Cornell Cooperative Extension and Syracuse Parks Conservancy to do plantings, butterfly bushes, rain gardens, outdoor seating, signage and markers.

    Huntington K-8 School - Vegetable & Freedom Gardens
    This project consists of two components. Planting a fenced in raised bed vegetable garden on the side of the school and incorporate the planting, maintenance, and growth analysis into their curriculum. They have mapped out a full year of gardening, including summer classes next year. The second part includes the development of a Freedom Garden of shrubs, trees and flowers which will include essay contests.

    Fowler High School - Indoor/Outdoor Sustainability Garden
    This garden project compares different types of composting and scientific principals, theories and concepts. It includes rain barrels, consumer science instructions, greenhouse science, and instructions on nutrition and energy levels of biomass. Seeds will be nurtured indoors during the winter and planted in the spring.

    Danforth Middle School - Garden of Community
    This project is a collaboration with Center for Community Design & Research, SUNY ESF. It incorporates instruction in landscape design and environmental impact. Students work to design the garden which will represent different types of community: urban, rural and woodland. These funds would be to continue Phase 2 of this project which was started in the 2009-2010 school year.

    Webster School - Waste Not, Want Not
    The project is a school waste management program, which includes an outdoor composting site and an outdoor classroom with instructions, timelines, and experiments. This project also includes a camping excursion so students can understand the relationship between brown food web and composting. They will share this with family and community with a special event on Earth Day in April 2011.

    Expeditionary Learning Middle School - Sustainable Earth
    This project includes compost bins being built by the students, and making lunch bags and reusable and useful items out of juice boxes and other waste. This project incorporates recycling, art, science and includes "the green police" (groups of students that will watch for waste). Musical instruments will also be included using materials from the waste stream.

    Hughes School (Intermediate Level) - Green Space Outdoor Education
    This project will convert the courtyard at the school to an outdoor environmental education center including native species garden, butterfly garden, bird habitat, food webs, food chains, composting and weather station.

    Elmwood Elementary School - Worms, Kids, and Garden Green
    Wooden worm bins will be set up on every floor of the school. A bio-orb composter will allow kids to learn about the principals of decomposition. The students, staff and teachers will work together to plant the garden. This project also includes reading assignments related to gardening and composting (IE. Worms Eat My Garbage).

    Meachem Elementary - Green Wave Garden Project
    This project includes planting a garden, utilizing recycled products, creating a butterfly habitat, growing vegetables from seedling to seasonal harvest. Students will participate in journaling, science experiments, etc. Parents will be included and newsletters and community participation will be developed.

    Edward Smith School - A Brighter Shade of Green
    This project includes books and instruction on eco-friendly activities, planting gardens, composting, recycling and reusing waste. Students will be actively involved in recycling initiatives within the school, and reducing energy and paper consumption.

    Dr. Weeks Elementary - Gardening and Literacy with Worms
    Another school that will develop a vermicomposting (worms) program. This project also includes the purchase of gardening sets to grow plants indoors and outdoors and relevant instruction/books.

    Lincoln Middle School - Going, Gone Green, and Beyond
    This project includes presentations, books, fluorescent light bulbs (for students to study), eco-friendly bags, programmable message signs, white boards, Go Green lesson plans, gardening supplies, and supplies to continue their history of green education through theater performances.
    Van Duyn Elementary School Thinking, Writing, Creating
    Percy Hughes Life Science at Meadowbrook
    Lincoln Middle School Auditorium Sound System Improvement
    Henninger High School Human Circulatory System Enhanced
    Clary School Atoms, Electricity, Magnetism and the Mag-Lev
    Nottingham High School Architectural Clay Relief
    Corcoran High School Becca's Bodacious Book Pods
    Central Office Early College Program
    Bellevue Elementary School Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction
    Bellevue Elementary School Developing Fluency, Comprehension, and Problem Solving with Enhanced Visual Technology
    Seymour Dual Language Exploring Historical New York
    Fowler High School Harlem Renaissance/Ain't Misbehavin'
    Nottingham High School Baby Think it Over-Teen Pregnancy Prevention
    Dr. Weeks Elementary Instruments Galore
    Seymour Dual Language Multicultural Percussion Ensemble
    Delaware Academy Success Through Science
    Levy, Nottingham,Porter, Elmwood Levy K-8 School Orchestra
    Blodgett K-8 Recycling Glass into Wearable Art
    Franklin Magnet The Best Part of Us
    Nottingham High School Science Project at Nottingham
    Hughes School Halloween Literacy Bash
    Porter School The Five P's: Reading at Home with your Child
    Lemoyne Elementary Produce Pals
    Ed Smith School Wii Fit Project


    Hughes Magnet School
    Making Living Organisms & Environments Relevant

    Bellevue Middle School
    All About Me

    Meachem Elementary School
    Ready, Read, MP3

    Corcoran High School
    The Kurzweil Reading Program

    Roberts School
    Experience the World at Roberts School

    Corcoran High School
    West African Drumming, Singing, Dancing

    Elmcrest School
    Poetry Alive

    LeMoyne Elementary School
    LIFESKILLS in Action

    Frazer School
    A Climbing Wall for All

    Salem Hyde Elementary

    Central Tech
    Virtual Fitness Club

    Van Duyn Elementary School
    I Can Fly...Ringgold, Tubman, Parks & Me

    Henninger High School
    Exploring Raku


    Beard / Pre-K
    Integrating Therapy Balls as Chairs in the Classroom

    Corcoran High School
    Geocoaching at Corcoran Springdale Nature Trail

    William R. Beard School
    Mystery Dinner Theater

    Clary Middle School
    Dream Model Home

    Danforth Middle School
    Lights Camera Action

    Cocoran High School
    Ride To Fitness

    Syracuse Teacher Center
    SCALE (Symbolic Communication & Literacy Education)

    Nottingham High School

    Edward Smith School
    Women in History

    Fowler High School
    Career Connections Program

    Dr. Weeks Elementary School
    Family Fun Pack Sets

    Grant Middle School
    Building on our Painting Studio

    Webster Elementary School
    Embracing Cultures/Appreciating Diversity



    Blodgett School
    My Life is a Book

    Grant Middle School
    Building on Ceramics Studio

    Nottingham High School
    Multimedia and Glass Mural Project

    Blodgett School
    F.A.C.T. Families and Children Together

    William R. Beard School
    Literacy Program

    Meachem Elementary School
    "Be Good / Feel Good"

    Meachem Elementary School
    A Dance Revolution at Meachem

    Elmwood Elementary School
    Interactive Technology for 3rd Graders

    Webster Elementary School
    The Webster IPod Experience

    McCarthy School
    Musical Diversity

    Dr. Weeks Elementary School
    "Instruments Galore"



    Nottingham High School
    Together We Care

    Clary Middle School
    Clary Community Murals

    Grant Middle School
    Project Zoo

    Grant Middle School
    Grant/Lemoyne First Annual Poetry Slam

    Hughes Magnet School
    Percy Hughes "Adopt a Grade" Program

    Hughes Magnet School
    Sound-Field Systems for Academic Success

    McKinley Brighton School
    Guys Read McKinley

    Meachem Elementary School
    Cruisin' in Coville

    Van Duyn Elementary School
    Experience the World @ Van Duyn

    Bellevue Elementary School
    The Road to Seneca Falls

    Huntington K-8 School
    I Hear Phonics is Fun

    LeMoyne Elementary School
    "FAN Bags" (Fitness & Nutrition Bags)

    William R, Beard School The Horticulture & Weather Station Community Service Project



    Bellevue Elementary School
    Building Success in Literacy Through Language

    Danforth Middle School
    Common Threads

    Dr. Weeks Elementary School
    Help ELL Students

    Fowler High School
    Applied Chemistry

    Grant Middle School
    Intercultural Drumming Circles

    Henninger High School
    Anatomy and Physiology Course

    Hughes Magnet School
    Yoga Ed. Implementation

    Levy Middle School
    Stem/MST with Legos

    Levy Middle School
    Demonstration Table/Work Center

    Lincoln Middle School
    Improvements for Musical/Dramatic Presentations

    McKinley-Brighton School
    Sensory Integration Solutions

    Van Duyn Elementary School
    Enhance Math with Literature and Hands-On Experience for Pre-School



    Corcoran High School
    Birds in Forested Landscapes

    Fowler High School
    Baby Think it Over

    Henninger High School
    Creating a Flag Silkscreen

    Nottingham High School
    Enhancing Literacy within the English Classroom

    Danforth Magnet School
    Danforth Community Mosaic

    Grant Middle School
    Music Technology Lab

    Huntington School
    Getting Smarter with SmartBoard Technology

    Roberts School
    SBIT Early Intervention Program

    Delaware Academy
    Library Literacy Program

    Franklin Magnet School
    Community Connection

    Dr. King Magnet School
    Using Brain Gym to Improve Literacy

    Meachem School
    Cooking Through the Curriculum

    Hurlbut W. Smith School
    Literacy Through Movement

    Syracuse Teacher Center
    Student Literacy Access to Technology in Education (SLATE)



    Nottingham High School
    Cultural Voices Course

    Levy Middle School
    Landscape Clinic

    Grant Middle School
    Ceramic Studio

    Shea Middle School
    Science and Literacy

    Shea Middle School
    A Tease to Read

    Meachem Elementary School
    On a Wing/NOBEL

    Seymour Magnet School
    The Muscle Room

    Seymour Magnet School
    Spanish and Success

    Van Duyn Elementary School
    Pre-Kindergarten Kids

    Webster Elementary School
    Expanding Smart Classrooms



    Corcoran High School
    Corcoran Urban Wild Space Study Project

    Delaware Academy
    Enhancing Preschool Listening & Learning

    Elmcrest School
    Poetry Alive

    Elmwood Elementary School
    Marine Habitat Ceramic Tile Mural

    Fowler High School
    Interactive Nutritional Learning Center

    Franklin Magnet School
    Vocabulary Kaleidescope

    Henninger High School
    Video Projection Enhancement

    Hughes Magnet School
    Soundfield Systems for Academic Success

    Huntington School
    "SMART BOARD" Technology

    Salem Hyde School
    They're Playing Our Song!



    Central Technical Vocational Center
    Project GED Reads

    Corcoran High School
    Mobile Presentation Station/Technology

    Corcoran High School
    Reach to Teach

    Grant Middle School
    State of the "Art" Classroom

    Henninger High School
    Chemistry Matters: Improving Literacy

    Henninger High School
    Student Participating Enhancement

    Lincoln Middle School
    "Enhancing Lincoln 's COC Program"

    McCarthy School
    McCarthy Reading Wright Program

    Seymour Elementary School
    Puppets for Literacy

    Shea Middle School
    Books! Books! Books!


    GRANT PERIOD - 2003/2004

    Dr. Martin Luther King Elementary School
    Drop Everything and Read Program

    Nottingham High School
    Video Narrative and Documentary

    Dr. Weeks Elementary School
    Balanced Literacy- 5th grade Classroom

    Seymour Elementary School
    The Center Connection

    Franklin Magnet Elementary School
    School The Influence of World Communities

    Dr. King Magnet Elementary School
    School Kindergarten Creative Cooking

    Henninger High School
    School Carving Teaches Perseverance


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